Check out the top 5 reasons for choosing a wedding away from home:

1.  Affordability

Compare the expense of a traditional wedding, reception and honeymoon with a wedding that’s set smack dab in the middle of your honeymoon location.  The average wedding and reception now costs over $20,000 — and many are double or triple that amount!  

A destination wedding can be arranged for much less, leaving the couple with a little something left over to start their lives together.  You will find that the guest list will be much smaller (fewer mouths to feed), and the guests who DO decide to make the trip are the ones who really matter to you.


2.  Ease of planning

Resorts, cruise lines and major destination cities have all jumped on the destination wedding bandwagon.  Many offer wedding planning services that anticipate your every need.  

Because wedding planning is their business, they offer complete packages that include licenses and documentation, photography, an officiant, floral arrangements, refreshments — all tailored to suit the couple’s preferences.  They are well aware of local restrictions and customs to avoid any last minute paperwork hassles.


3.  Agenda is set by the bride and groom

All of the details reflect the couple that's getting married — the location, the number of guests and attendants (if any), the attire, the decorations and theme — the list goes on and on.  But these decisions are made by the bride and groom — not their parents who sometimes feel pressure from relatives and friends to follow the traditional path.

This makes it a personal celebration that the bride and groom orchestrate on their own according to their own preferences.  Maybe they prefer casual get-togethers where there's no need for the traditional long gown and tuxedo; get married in a sundress and a pair of khaki shorts!


4.  Reunion opportunity

This is a perfect occasion for families and friends (who may now live far apart) to get together on vacation!  Nobody has any responsibilities except to relax and enjoy each other’s company.  The wedding specialists take care of the details of coordinating travel for guests, making sure they have proper documentation and catering to their individual needs (handicap accessible rooms, ocean views, non-smoking rooms, etc.).


5.  Ideal for second marriages

This is a great way for couples who have already experienced the dog and pony show of a traditional wedding to get married for the second time.  They can choose to invite family and friends (maybe including children in the wedding party) or steal away on their own for a relaxing time together at a destination that appeals to both.

We look forward to making all of your wedding

dreams a reality.